Top 10 Best Cydia Sources/Repos Of 2013

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Jay Freeman aka Saurik, the founder of Cydia, which forms the basis of the entire jailbreak community, created a framework that separates iOS from Android and other mobile operating systems. These are known as repositories or sources and act as a portal for the unofficial tweaks, apps and themes. Some big-name sources such as BigBoss, ModMyi, ZodTTD, Cydia/Telesphoreo, Dev Team’s repo come pre-installed when you  jailbreak your device. In 2013, some repos definitely stood aside from others and gave us some interesting stuff. Hit the jump and add them to your device right now.

If you don’t know how to add repos/sources to Cydia, follow the tutorial at the end of the post. Remember, I have not inlcuded the major sources like Bigboss and other stock repos as everyone knows about them. Here we will be talking about the some other lesser known Cydia sources.

Top 10 Best Cydia Sources/Repos Of 2013 

10. Pushfix  

Pushfix repo seems a tad bit outdated and not as advanced as other repos but it still provides important packages such as popular carrier patches, YouTube hacks and some internet-related apps like TCP Optimizer. Its address or URL is

Tweaks I like : FaceClockUp, RecoveryGuard


9. iF0rce  

iF0rce source caught our attention mainly because of its awesome Bluetooth and other file sharing tweaks. Although, we agree, it doesn’t contain many of the useful tweaks but the ones found here are not available anywhere else. Its url is

Tweaks I like : AirBlue, Siri0us, Sparrow Sharp


8. iHackStore 

iHackStore repo contains almost everything you could ever imagine in a single portal, ranging from tweaks, themes, apps, ringtones, patches and mods. In this repo, you can easily download cracked Cydia apps but make sure you buy them after trying. It is updated frequently and is very well maintained. It’s URL is

Tweaks I like : iTether, MCleaner, Stealth Cam


7. HackYouriPhone 

This Cydia repo is similar to iHackStore and also has a wide range of tweaks, patches, themes, mods and other hacks. But beware, it contains many cracked applications so make sure you buy it just to support hardworking developers. Its address is

Tweaks I like : StatusHUD, ayecon, GridLock


6. HASHBANG Productions 

HASHBANG Productions repo  will provide you some cool new applications and other software betas. . It is definitely worth adding as new tweaks and experiments are constantly being added. Add it using this address

Tweaks I like : Tap to unlock, Fontee, ScreenFade


5. Ryan Petrich’s Beta Repo 

Ryan Petrich is one of the biggest and most famous Cydia tweak developer. The main reason why I use this repo is because whenever Ryan’s developing a new app or tweak he releases the beta on this repo for testing purposes to the users. So as the name suggests, there are many super-cool beta versions of Cydia tweaks. Its address is

Tweaks I like : DeepEnd, Monocle and Emphasize


4. Filippo Biga’s Beta Repo

Just like the above repo, this repo is hosted by Filippo Bigarella, another famous Cydia tweak developer. Similarly, its a this repository is home to various beta apps and other tweaks and hacks. His tweaks aren’t as good as Ryan’s but still adding this source will be there isn’t many packages in Filippo Biga’s repo at the time of writing this post it will be worth adding in case he seeds a new project to it. Add this in the URL field :

Tweaks I like : Harlem Shake, Springtomize 2, UnlockFX


3. ZodTTD’s Beta repo

ZodTTD is yet another developer and is very famous within the emulator community. He has developed many emulators for iOS like gpSPhone and N64iOS. As usual, this repository hosts the beta versions of all his emulators before the final builds are released on community sources. This repo doesn’t have many packages as of now but it is pretty unique and only offers emulator betas. So if you are an emulator buff and want to get a taste of the Nintendo era, give this one a try.

ZodTTD is currently working on N64 and PSX iOS emulators and when they are read, he will surely be dropping them here. The address of this source is : 


2. xSellize 

It is one of the popular Cydia repos around. If you are a hardcore gamer, then this repo is surely for you. There is a mammoth range of emulators and ROMs for Nintendo GBA (Game Boy Advance), NES, N64 and much more. However, it isn’t updated as frequently as iHackStore or Sinful iPhone’s repo. Its hosted at :

Tweaks I like : iAP cracker, Barrel (one of my all time favorites), Unfold lock screen

1. SiNful iPhone 

Although it is very well known just like the stock sources but still it topped our charts because of the amount of traffic it generates and the range of Cydia packages available for us. SiNful iPhone repo is one of the most oldest repos and has a large library of cracked apps, themes, mods, emulators, ROMs and just about everything you can think of. If you believe in the try-before-you-buy mentality like me, then try all the stuff but be sure to purchase it if you use it regularly. It is based at

Tweaks I like : Springtomize, Zephyr, InfiniDock, AndroidLock


UjailbreakiPhone repo (Coming soon) 

Our Cydia repo is currently under development and will be released very soon, so stay tuned.

How To Add Sources/Repos In Cydia

  • Start Cydia and go to the Manage tab.
  • Select Sources. Doing this will give you a list of all the repos you have currently installed on your idevice.
  • Select Edit > Add
  • Now enter the Cydia/APT URL into given area and select Add Source.

What’s your favorite Cydia source?

Although we have covered all the major sources here but since Saurik has no control over or any kind of moderation in place as to what sources are available, there are still tons of other sources which we haven’t used yet.  Drop a line or two in the comments section below about your favorite Cydia source and why you like it.

Also, please don’t forget to give your suggestions and ideas regarding our official repo. All things welcome!

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