Fix Exploit Failed iOS 6.1.3 Error In Redsn0w

Fix Exploit Failed iOS 6.1.3 Error In Redsn0wSince our how- to article regarding iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak received a lot of comments where users were asking how to fix the¬†exploit failed error in 6.1.3. Since then I have updated that article but still a lot of users are complaining about the same error, so I decided to list down all the possible methods using which this issue can be fixed permanently. The exploit failed 6.1.3 error is very annoying and will ruin the jailbreak process after uploading first stage or during “waiting for reboot”. Hit the jump and fix it once and for all.

Listed below is what precisely I performed for the individuals experiencing the same issues.


  1. Connect your device to pc first
  2. Turn off your device
  3. Start your device in DFU mode
  4. StartRedsn0w, Extras, press Select IPSW, point it to 6.0 IPSW, click Back
  5. Right now Jailbreak it. It will repair the kernel and anything and should inquire if you wish to set up Cydia, be sure it’s checked and press Install.
  6. If all the things goes properly, it will utilize with limera1n, and upload 1st, and 2nd phase, and then upload the RAM.
  7. When your cellphone powers back on, start iTunes, and synchronize the device.
  8. When your device is synced, switch it back off.
  9. Place your device into DFU mode.
  10. Press Extras, press Select IPSW, pick the same exact 6.0 IPSW that you had it directed to for the Jailbreak.
  11. At this point press Simply Boot.
  12. If things are as it ought to be, the device needs to be restarting and as soon as it is finished, you need to get a Cydia image on the iDevice.
  13. As soon as you start out Cydia initially, it may request you to update your fundamentals. Do that and it’ll request you to restart your iDevice. After it restarts, comply with the guidelines 7-11.
  14. You should comply with guidelines 7-11 whenever your iDevice gets restarted. The synchronizing is exactly what got me through my “Exploit Failed” error.

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